About Me

The following describes the tools, languages, and context of various projects and environments I’ve experienced and contributed to the past and currently. Need something specific? Have a job that just needs to get done now? Contact me.

email: jamesktan@gmail.com

skype: jkwtan

phone: (424) 376-7322

github: https://github.com/jamesktan




Languages: Swift | Objective-C | Python | Ruby | C | C++ 11 | Java | Matlab | C# | Classic ASP | VBScript

Databases: PostGres | SQLite3 |  MSSQL2012 | Oracle | MySQL



iOS Development: AlamoFire | SceneKit | Realm | SDWebImage | UIKit | AVFoundation | AudioToolbox | QuartzCore | AFNetworking | CoreData | CocoaPods | Carthage | Stripe | MixPanel | SSZipArchive | CorePlot | MBProgressHud | Apple Pay | Alcatraz | Twilio | AddressBook | CoreBluetooth | MapKit | MessageUI | CoreImage | Parse | CloudKit | FBSDK | Crashlytics | Twitter Answers | NewRelic | Google Analytics

Web Development: Django 1.6 | Rails 4 | Amazon EC2 | Amazon S3 | Heroku | OpenShift | Bootstrap | jQuery | Selenium | PiWik | Google Analytics

Software: NumPy | SciPy | PyQt | MatLab | OpenCV | XPath | SAX Parsing | DOM Parsing | XSLT | Qt | Squish | TestComplete | PowerShell | Enterprise Architect | CircleCI

IDE/TextEditors: XCode | Eclipse | Visual Studio 2008 | Visual Studio 2012 | Sublime | Notepad++

Administration: Confluence | Bamboo | JIRA | SVN | SVNQuery | GitLab | Perforce | IIS | Apache | MediaWiki | WordPress | SharePoint | Documentum | CMake | Microsoft Test Manager | HP Quality Center | Cisco Call Accounting & Telecom Billing

Design: Sketch | PhotoShop | AutoCAD | Blender | Deep Exploration



Earbits (Jun 2015-current): A music streaming and music marketing company, dedicated to delivering high quality music, high quality analytics, and better tools for artists to get discovered and grow their fanbase. I’m currently developing their iOS products….

Independent Developer (Mar 2014-current): As an independent developer, I focused primarily on furthering my skills along Swift + Objectice-C and as a Rails/Django developer, and also with Arduino and BLE integration with mobile phones. I tackled various projects as a contractor, developing tools to address: at-home blood testing, emergency contact information, refactor of total burn surface area calculators, microcontroller to track temperature for surgery recovery, demo development, and refactoring of iOS e-reader code.

Baha’i World Centre (Mar 2014-Jun 2015): The Baha’i World Centre is the central administration of the Baha’i Faith. Serving as a volunteer with the Information Services Department (who provides software development services to both the Baha’i World Centre community and the international community of Bahai’s), I was responsible for maintaining and administering over 120 applications and forms written in primarily C# and MVC. In addition to this, I was a subject matter expert for all things related to knowledge management, telecom and billing, as well as testing and release engineering – in the process authoring numerous white papers and presentations for training.

Plympton (Jun 2013-Mar 2014): Plympton is the parent company behind DailyLit, a website offering book-by-installment-by-schedule; and Rooster, a curated selection of contemporary literature delivered in-serial. Here, as lead iOS Engineer, I was involved with the DailyLit Refactor, various DailyLit iOS Reader prototypes and MVP development, and architected and developed Rooster and the accompanying payment and delivery systems. 

UC Davis Medical Center (Jun 2011-Jun 2013): While working with the Pathology Department at UC Davis Medical – I worked with professors and labs interested in translational medicine in the mobile sphere. My lab (w/Dr. Nam Tran) and I worked on various tools to address specific clinical needs in the hospital: serializing burn images to present consistent images, calculating total burn surface area digitally, calculating fluid administration rates as per the Parkland formula, developing iOS and HTML5 data entry solutions for the ER to aid accurate patient information capture, as well as developing mobile surveys to track surgery recovery.  

Volcano Corporation (Jun 2011-Jun 2013): Volcano Corporation is an ultrasound imaging company that develops ultrasound catheters and FFR guide-wires for use in Cath labs internationally. Here I worked in the software development team and later the signal and image processing team to develop their next-generation products: characterizing catheter performance, automated testing, and developing mobile controller tools in Qt. 

Palantir Technologies (Jun 2008-Dec 2010): Palantir Technologies is a information security software startup in the Bay Area that focuses on both government and commercial applications. I started here as a software test intern for the first 2 years, later becoming a Consultant on special projects. I worked with the Palantir-Bio team to develop ontologies, data scraping scripts, and demonstrations of Palantir being used for biological research to identify and predict possible areas of research for Parkinsons, drug interaction models, and modeling steady state behavior of biological systems.

Purple Cow (Jun 2007- Oct 2007): As an intern, this is where I first got my feet wet in startup, PHP, web design, and CSS – as well as all the basics of order fulfillment, product discovery, and viral marketing campaigns. 



Johns Hopkins University – Masters of Biomedical Engineering (Current)

University of California, Davis – Bachelors of Biomedical Engineering (Class of 2011)


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Awards, Publications, and Patents

  • 2014 : Development and evaluation of a novel smart device-based application for burn assessment and management (http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0305417914003428)
  • 2014 : Push Notification Architecture for Installment-Based Literature Delivery (USPTO Reference: 113935-8001.US00)
  • 2013 : Volcano Heads Up Award for Excellent Performance
  • 2011 : Best Senior Design Project for Biomedical Engineering
  • 2011 : Deans List


Things I Like

These things help me think – help me destress – and help me live longer

  • In-n-Out
  • Long Distance Running
  • Ping Pong
  • Pool
  • Road biking – fixing bikes – making bikes – cleaning bikes
  • Weight Lifting (Strong Lifts)